”All Baptists go to Heaven, the Hell is for the rest” Scot McKnight on trumanism

I grew up a Trumanist Christian, as in the Truman Show with Jim Carrey. That is, I grew up in a bubble, protected from the rest of the Church by a protective dome that prevented outside interference. As we drove to church every Sunday morning, for a double-dose, both Sunday School and the Sermon, we passed a Lutheran Church. Sometimes I felt sorry for those who attended that church — though, of course, they didn’t get to church as early as we did.
We were Baptists; the rest of the world, churched or unchurched, was going to hell. I hate to be so crass, but I’m telling you our (perceived) truth. And the reason we were going to heaven was because we alone believed the Bible as it was really taught. What was taught could be snagged from the notes of the bottom of our Scofield Bibles. We didn’t join forces with any other churches, mostly because they were “liberal” and being “liberal,” the Dante-like lower circle of the inferno, was a sure ticket to hell. We alone were faithful to the Bible.

Have you experienced Trumanist Christianity? That you and your group were alone the remaining, remnant-like faithful of the Church? What do you think can be done to “cure” it? If you emerged from such an experience, what helped you? Here’s how I got over it:

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